Some say it's the happiest place on Earth...
Alpine is a Christian Summer Camp and Conference Center in Southern California, up in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains, near Lake Arrowhead, CA. Alpine’s sleepaway programs for Jr. High, High School and Elementary are chock full of fun activities for kids.
The highly-intentional overnight summer program for kids makes us one of the best camps for kids in Southern California. Also, our sweet mountain retreat center offers an annual Men’s Conference, Women’s Retreats, Leadership Retreats and more!
If you’re looking for an historic place for your mountain conference center needs, then enjoy a warm drink and sit by the same fireplace that Clark Gable, Shirley Temple, Fred Astaire, Bette Davis and many more have enjoyed!
For those looking for Leadership Programs, we have a multi-faceted High Ropes Course that boasts the tallest free-standing natural element in North America!
Last, but not least, our Outdoor Education program combines the science camp curriculum you’d expect with the fun of instructional staff in frontier-themed costume! Learn how to start a fire with no matches, use a bow & arrow and tomahawks, as well as studying Animal Adaptation and Wilderness Survival.
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Jr. High & High School Summer Camps
July - August, 2018

LHave you ever wished that you could start all over? Maybe you’ve done some things in the past that you regret. Or maybe you believe that your mistakes define who you are today. Or even worse… you may believe that such things actually determine your worth. Thoughts like these are hard to escape, leaving us feeling like we are… damaged goods. We’re stuck between who we are, and who we want to be. We want to become something better, but we don’t know how and the past seems to keep us anchored to our failures. Is there any hope? We’ve got good news! The Bible is filled with tons of people who felt the same way, and through God’s Spirit many of them have become heroes of the faith! He can do the same for you by giving you a new life. If you’re bold enough to accept the invitation God can transform you into something new, and something better. The old You will disappear, and the new You will Emerge!

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Makuala Adventures Summer Camps (Elementary)
June - August, 2018

Welcome to the brand new Makuala Adventures, Alpine’s Elementary Summer Camp Experience. Since 1964, Alpine has been providing incredible summer camps for kids entering the 1st through 6th grade in Makuala Village. This summer, your child can be one of the first to enjoy the NEW Makuala. With a revamped program, designed to bring out the best in your camper, Makuala Adventures is packed with awesome games and group activities and with an even more intentional schedule, in-depth, age-appropriate Bible exploration and dynamic camp experiences. Makuala has a new look, a new theme and the same focus on Jesus Christ. Come this summer and jump into the adventure waiting for you at Makuala Adventures!

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Daily Photos

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