Volunteer Opportunities

  • Cabin or Tipi Counselors & Program Assistants

    Alpine is always in need of volunteers that love kids, and love providing a mountaintop encounter with Jesus Christ. Serve as a role model by spiritually developing campers through a transformational camp experience.

  • Mountaintop Builders

    Mountain Top Builders (The Alpine Volunteer Program) recruits, deploys, and motivates friends of Alpine to invest their time, talents, and treasure into Alpine’s ministry with expressions of joyful service.”

  • Work & Worship Weekends

    Want to give back to God in some tangible way? Join us for an organized weekend of volunteer projects: Painting, Building & Repairing, Raking, Deep Cleaning etc. Bring the entire family or a group for a weekend of fun, and fellowship as we worship while we work.

  • Camp Grandparents

    Would you cherish a chance to love little kids and give them a little taste of home while they're at camp? We have Camp Grandparents who do just that! Imagine getting to spend a week in the mountains encouraging the kids who just need a little extra push to fully enjoy their time at Alpine!

    Camp Grandparent Flyer

Jesus calls his followers to a life of service

Work & Worship Weekend

    • What and Why

      Work and Worship Weekend is:

      • An organized weekend of volunteer labor
      • Fun, fellowship and food to keep you full
      • One of the best ways to keep Alpine in great shape and to add new features and benefits for guests
      • Dynamic guest speakers and spirit-filled worship
      • Available recreational activities during leisure time

    • Who

      Work and Worship Weekend is for each and every person who:

      • Wants to give back to God in some tangible way
      • Can do either unskilled to skilled tasks for at least 6 hours per day
      • Wants to volunteer as an individual, family or group
      • Fills registration form
      • Is over 18 or coming with a family or a group that includes adults assigned to supervise minors.

    • How

      Whether you want to come to a planned weekend or plan your own day(s):

      • Either register using the form linked to this page
      • Or contact our Work and Worship representative through the link on this page
      • Or contact Alpine directly through our Contacts page
      • Check out the Projects button on this page for needs and ideas

    • Speaker/Worship

      The programming during Work and Worship Weekends are casual and yet meaningful. Through a combination of Alpine staff, guest pastors and other spiritual leaders, teachers and worship teams, your spirit will be uplifted and fed both at the beginning and end of each day. Check the website to see who is featured as each Work and Worship Weekend draws closer.

Executive Director

Joel Rude

Volunteer Opportunities
Joel strives to equip and shepherd Alpine’s staff to honor a rich history and continue to inspire the compelling mission to provide a mountain top encounter with Jesus Christ through Christian camping.

Work & Worship Weekend

Click the link below and submit online!!!

Online Registration Forms

Work & Worship Weekend Online Registration Form
Online Volunteer Application